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25 Beautiful Women Making Ugly Faces


Favorite Movie Soundtracks: [1/?] Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

"Scott, if your life had a face I would punch it."


Its amazing that the Akira Project didn’t even make their goal and the trailer looks fucking amazing. Meanwhile, a con artist like Anita Sarkeesian asks for $6,000, gets it, and then receives 26 times the amount she asked for, and is credited by Neil Druckmann for “uniting” the gaming community when in reality she is dividing it.

It just goes to show that people don’t want to invest in art or new content, they want to invest in a whining critic with an enormous victim complex to by proxy validate their own victim complexes. Maybe this is just irrelevant — and sure, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning — but it really pisses me off to see such amazing work go unfunded while obvious lying pieces of shit are handed tens of thousands of dollars just because they were “harassed” on the internet. Lots of people get hate mail and death threats all the time — where’s our money? 

The Akira Project even produced a better product with about half of Sarkeesian’s initial asking amount and only 50 backers! 

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Aww, elevator


IDK, but I just saw a Lego Avengers thing on Netflix with Black Widow, so maybe that?

That one, though fantabulous, sadly contains none of the Hawkguy.

It’s a cutscene from the Lego Marvel Superheroes game.  ”Exploratory Laboratory,” where Clint, Nat and Spidey break into Oscorp looking for the Green Goblin.

This scene actually ends with Nat picking up with the flowers that Clint just fired and going, “Aw, Clint, you shouldn’t have.”  Because Clint being a dork never, ever gets old.

Teen Titans + downtime



  1. Kris Anka
  2. Kevin Wada

i believe kevinwada and mine friendship was forged from x-lady fashion


some pups just don’t understand the concept of legs 


some pups just don’t understand the concept of legs